Thursday, September 19, 2013

Building a Bunny House

This is what it has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks

We are separating an area for our bunny to live in, since we live in Florida he can be outside most of the time, but since he likes to dig! we have to go through a process.

First we had to mark the area, then we had to take the grass out and dig down

to put chicken wire on the bottom, since they dig they'll escape if the wire is not there
(believe me, it already happened to us)

We also dig a few holes to put the posts (4x4) with cement to hold the fence that we are going to put as walls

When we are done putting the wire on the ground and the fence on the sides, we have to connect them, and put some sand and grass on top for bunny to have a living area of his own, but now we are stuck since it's raining so much here in Florida :(

I'll post some pictures when we are done :)

Thanks so much for reading, I know this is not artsy or crafty, but I had to take pictures and make a layout of such a hard work lol

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