Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mini Layout Challenge Day 5

Due to the lack of pictures of when I was a child, I haven't been able to do The Big Idea Festival Challenge in order, but here is my Day 5 Challenge

One of the themes you get to choose from is "iconic candies" as you see here there are lots of them that you might not recognize, thank goodness for the internet where I found the pictures of candy from my country, Ecuador, like

Tango which is out Oreos, with the difference that instead of being a chocolate cookies, the cookies are vanilla with a chocolate cover,
then we have the Chiclets (bubble gum),
Salvavidas (Lifesavers)
The candy corns from here which we bought everytime we came to the States and take them to Ecuador,
and last but not least the candy on the bottom right corner are Chinese candy that my Grandfather gave us everytime we went to his house :) (sigh) they had a rice paper cover that melted in your mouth, so delicous, I miss them :)

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by :)

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