Monday, February 24, 2014

Bear Paper Bag on YouTube

My daughter decided to teach how to make a Bear Paper Bag on YouTube

Check it out, it might inspire you for something else :)

thanks for visiting :)


Friday, February 21, 2014

Being Part of Challenges

This year I have decided to participate in a few challenges
with a few purposes
one is to increase my time doing art
to help me be more social because I am super shy
and the third one is to get closer to my believes.
This picture right here is for a challenge from Splitcoaststampers called
Divine Design Bible Verse Challenge 2014
Every month we do a project with a Scripture of your choice,
I know I am missing the one for January but I'll get there :)
And here is my share for February :)

Hope you find some inspiration in it :)
Thanks for visiting :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet Step by Step Tutorial (By My Daughter)

Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

I guess the arts and crafts run through our family :)
My daughter had this idea of making videos to teach kids that anybody can do what she can do :)
She loves arts and crafts also, and she loves teaching so here we go :)
Please support her hobby and help her self esteem by watching her video and subscribing to her channel :)

Thanks a million :)


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Be Your Beautiful You

A simple smile makes people beautiful, so think about it...
what makes you smile?
what makes you happy?
what excites you?
Is there anything that is always in your mind that you would like to do?
or you wish you have more time for?
Yes! we all have something that drives us to get up and do more of. Something that get us excited :)

I've been reading a few books and listening to a few videos where in order to find our passion we have to go back to our childhood memories and think what is it that we liked to do a lot, but some of us don't have those memories, so what do you do then?
Just think back on time,
what have you done that have made you really happy,
or that you felt really proud about?

And try to do it again, it doesn't have to be for money, it doesn't have to be a job, just do it because it makes you happy, because you feel good about it. And after a while of doing what you like, all that happiness, all those nice feelings are going to take you somewhere, You are going to feel beautiful inside and out.

Be Dearing and Be Your Beautiful You again :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trying New Techniques

I am so happy I got to do some
art journaling, mixed media valentines card for my daughter :)

I tried a few different techniques here
plus some thing that I just came out with.
I made this with a large index card
I glued some tissue paper on the background
as well as the bunny that I got of the internet
(I don't remember exactly which website as I save images in my computer as I find them)
the bunny was black and white, and I just colored
the inside of the ears, hearts, nose and eyes with regular markers,
the same goes with the little saying on the top right.
Then I decided to experiment with the border
I used a small stamp pad to go around it
to give the edges a little color.
I also used some stencils with acrylic paints
 and used markers
to outline the arrows as son as the paint was dry.
And that's it! easy!
It took me a couple of days to make it,
since I don't have one of those hand dryers
so I let everything dry al natural :)
Hope you like it :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art Journaling for Scrapbooking Pages

I am so happy to share these backgrounds that I made today,
I got up really early this morning, just couldn't sleep anymore...
usually when this happens I go to the living room and read,
but this time I took advantage and went to my super messy garage
and without thinking I went straight to my art journaling supplies
got my things out and started working on my backgrounds,
that's all I wanted to do,
at least just a background that I can use in my future scrapbooking :)

So here is how I made this one:
I prep the page with gesso a while ago
and used this page to clean extra paint from another art journal paper
that's where the pink lines came from,
 but can easily get them like that by using an old credit card.
Then I use natural sponges with acrylic paint to do the edges
with pink and brown,
then I took my honey comb stencil and sprayed
with my purple and lime green homemade spray paints
let it dry, then came back and experimented with my new
gelatos that my little daughter gave me for Christmas :)
but I only use it with the stamp
you can see it a little bit on the corners in blue.
Now this second background that you see here is
the thrifty side of me...
after spraying on top of my stencil
I took a new page and flip the stencil around
to make a mark in the new page
I like it just like it is, I think is ready for some scrapbooking on top :)
So what do you think?
Have you made something lately?
Please share with us by leaving a comment with a link to your new creations,
and thank you for stopping by :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting Closer to Your Dreams

My daughter in college is making realize that getting closer to our dreams really depends on US,
yes! US!
 not on the time we have or the stress we have.  I know stress can keep us away from things we love even from people we love, but I am not going to get there since I am not a psychologist, but from experience I have learned that doesn't matter how much stress you have, at some point, like me, you have to recognize that some kind of stress is always going to be in your life, I mean that's just life.  So at the same time to make this happen, having time for what I like, we have to say...
 enough is enough!
Is like, you have to give yourself permission to unwind and do what you like, do at least a little bit of what makes you happy, what relaxes you, what do you look forward to. 

You'll see that after doing it for just a few minutes, you'll want to do it more and more and more. And that's when we finally find a way to stick with it and fit happiness and relaxation time into our lives.

Since I started this job, I said to myself that I can still do yoga or stretching exercises, if I fit it right after work three times a week, so far I have been able to stick with it most of the time. Is like proposing to yourself to do something and sticking with it.  

Now thanks to Cheryl (a lady from one of the Art Journaling online groups that I belong to) made me realize that another way to look at it and getting to fit what you like into your life is by making an appointment to do what you enjoy, arts, crafts, etc. But my response to her was just what you are thinking right now... Oh boy! you have no idea how many appointments I have cancelled with myself  lately :( And her answer was much better than what I expected, since I didn't expect any answer at all.

"We make appointments for doctor, dentist and other important times.  We all need to consider ourselves very important this year and make time to do things we enjoy and bring us spiritual healing.  You are worth it!!!" (Cheryl)

Now I am going to leave you with that thought, maybe it will inspire you and me to do something this weekend :)