Sunday, February 16, 2014

Be Your Beautiful You

A simple smile makes people beautiful, so think about it...
what makes you smile?
what makes you happy?
what excites you?
Is there anything that is always in your mind that you would like to do?
or you wish you have more time for?
Yes! we all have something that drives us to get up and do more of. Something that get us excited :)

I've been reading a few books and listening to a few videos where in order to find our passion we have to go back to our childhood memories and think what is it that we liked to do a lot, but some of us don't have those memories, so what do you do then?
Just think back on time,
what have you done that have made you really happy,
or that you felt really proud about?

And try to do it again, it doesn't have to be for money, it doesn't have to be a job, just do it because it makes you happy, because you feel good about it. And after a while of doing what you like, all that happiness, all those nice feelings are going to take you somewhere, You are going to feel beautiful inside and out.

Be Dearing and Be Your Beautiful You again :)


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