Sunday, August 31, 2014

Move Before You Meditate

I just heard this video and really never thought about it... to move and let all your wiggles out, move all your negative energy out of your body before meditating, as well as all your negative thoughts.

Friday, August 29, 2014

For the Love of Art

I decided to start working on some challenges, just jumping around the internet looking for what gets my attention.  It can be crochet, knitting, sewing, art journaling, whatever tickles my fancy, like some people say.  I just want to do something I like, something I can do with any materials I have here at home, that will give me some "Me" time that helps me relax and learn how to enjoy myself.

Anyways, this time I chose to do DLP Week 35 Challenge:  Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.  

I drew a face following this tutorial  I found on Pinterest.  And for the Love of Art I have gone to my HOT garage (I live in Florida) where I have all my art journaling materials and finish the page by painting some things around it. I started with the flower by pencil first then finger painted, then decided to do the brush with acrylic paints, then the vine came next just to fill the blank space and here you have my finish work :)

The picture is not that great, my garage is a little dark, so it doesn't help.
I hope this inspires someone out there :)

Thanks for taking a look :)

How To Be Happy: The #1 Tool

"I choose to see peace instead of this"

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coffee... My Favorite (Hot) Drink

I am starting to do what I like little by little, I am trying to make time for what I like here and there, in between work and home, in between cooking and cleaning, or anytime I feel like I need a break.

That said... I found a challenge that caught me attention at The Sketchbook Challenge, the August theme is Coffee and Tea. Hmmm... my favorite (hot) drink, the one I go to when I need a break, for some reason it relaxes me while I drink it slowly and take deep breaths in between, and after I am done with it, I am all energized. You have to LOVE it!

Anyways here is the Coffee and Tea art I made this week,

Not too complicated, just had some fun with a little bit of paint here and there. Then drew my actual cup of coffee and also decided to put cafĂ© in Spanish since that's what I drink, which is somewhat stronger than regular coffee.  And the Tea bag that I drew, is a regular size one.  I try to stain the paper with a real tea bag but is not too noticeable.

I hope this inspires somebody out there...

Bottom line... it felt REALLY GOOD to play again with my art supplies :)

Thanks for taking a look :)