Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coffee... My Favorite (Hot) Drink

I am starting to do what I like little by little, I am trying to make time for what I like here and there, in between work and home, in between cooking and cleaning, or anytime I feel like I need a break.

That said... I found a challenge that caught me attention at The Sketchbook Challenge, the August theme is Coffee and Tea. Hmmm... my favorite (hot) drink, the one I go to when I need a break, for some reason it relaxes me while I drink it slowly and take deep breaths in between, and after I am done with it, I am all energized. You have to LOVE it!

Anyways here is the Coffee and Tea art I made this week,

Not too complicated, just had some fun with a little bit of paint here and there. Then drew my actual cup of coffee and also decided to put cafĂ© in Spanish since that's what I drink, which is somewhat stronger than regular coffee.  And the Tea bag that I drew, is a regular size one.  I try to stain the paper with a real tea bag but is not too noticeable.

I hope this inspires somebody out there...

Bottom line... it felt REALLY GOOD to play again with my art supplies :)

Thanks for taking a look :)


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