Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fast and Easy, Last Minute Decorated Pumpkins for the Halloween

This year we decided to make something different with the pumpkins
we bought a few fake pumpkins from the craft store
 Halloween fabric and mod podge to decoupage our pumpkins

The long one you see here it was a paper pumpkin
and the little one is one of the plastic ones
where my daughter selected the pieces of fabric she liked
and glued it to her little pumpkin

 Here is the pumpkin we carved last year

and this is the pumpkin my teenage daughter carved last year also :)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fast and Easy Gift for the Holidays: Crochet Cell Phone Case

Hey everybody, I made this little cell phone case using this tutorial here
I used bon bon yarns and still have a lot left

The tutorial is super easy, it only uses single crochet (sc) stitch

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleepy Crochet Owl Hat

A little while ago my daughter fell in love with this sleepy crochet owl hat


It immediately became a challenge for me. Now you have to see I am a beginner with crochet and couldn't find a tutorial for it.  But thanks to the Crochet Google+ Community ladies it made it possible for me to bring my daughter's little dream come true.

I followed a few tutorials starting with this one from Repeat Crafter Me who has the best one by far in many different sizes, with the difference that the eyes were not sleepy and the ears where different so I followed this tutorial for the eyes without making the mask part, just the eyes. And for the ears I just made two small triangles. Also the blue edge wasn't part of the tutorial so I added a SC (single crochet) with the blue yarn all around the bottom edge.

Here are the final results of my little crochet adventure

With Love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Is My Passion? How Do I Find My Passion?

For quite a while now, I've been thinking about this...

How do I choose my passion?
What is passion?
If you look in the dictionary passion is a noun, is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.
Another definition says: a strong feeling or desire.
Compelling? That word sounds familiar...
Compelling is an adjective, it means overpowering. Having a powerful and irresistible effect.
Have you ever felt a powerful feeling to do something, and irresistible desire to do something you like?

So, now that I know this, How do I find my passion?
This should be easy, right?
Nope!, not so easy for me or a lot of people out there, not for us who don't have time for ourselves and discover what do we really like, not for those of us who likes so many things that you don't know which one to choose. Which one is your passion?

Why is this so important?
Do we need to have a passion?
Do we need to choose one thing that we like the most and call it our passion?
The answer is NO.  Who said so? Who says we have to choose one?
You and me can be gifted with lots, many passions.

We are beings capable of learning as many things as we like in our lifetime. So why are you going to limit yourself to one is that's not your desire?

Now let's think...

What drives you?
What fuels you?
What things you can talk about with a high level or energy and enthusiasm?

I have noticed that for me is not just one thing. That's why I named my blog: A Life Full of Passions.
For me is a lot of things.

I love talking and writing about what I read the night before mainly self help books, specially when I get an a-ha moment, I love to share that. Or when I learned something that can change my life and yours for the better.
I love to share what I create, when I crochet something that I never thought I could do but with the instructions of another blogger I could.
Or my art journaling when I make a page combining crazy colors and it looks good, it gets me excited because I know that I was never able to combine colors not even to save my life.

Those are some of my passions.

What are your passions? and if you have only one (which I doubt it) because if you like to do art and you like to go to the beach that's more than one already :) which one is it?

Just write in the comments the first thing that comes to your mind, Doesn't matter how long is your answer. I would love to know...
what drives you?
what fuels you?
what do you wish you can do all day long?

I love to hear from you,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wake Up!

I had this urge to write in my blog today after meditating twice for the first time in my life and listening to Gabrielle Bernstein "Awakening Your Authentic Power" which I had to interrupt to come and write to let you know that for quite a while know I've been searching for my purpose in life.

Asking myself all kinds of questions, listening to all kinds of inspirational videos, reading tons of self help books, but I have to tell you, this video "Awakening Your Authentic Power" spoke to me.

After listening to half of it, I paused it, came to my computer to search for a guided meditation and for the first time I felt the connection, I saw the light, for the first time my mind didn't wonder around, I didn't picture myself sitting and meditating. I just saw "blank", like a light.

It is really different to explain, but I know that if I got there, ANYBODY can, why? because I used to laugh at people who told me I needed to meditate. It was nonsense to me, it was a waste of time in my past believe, but now I know is nothing like that. Is a powerful, rechargeable way of communicating with a higher power, which to me is God.

Now I know that I opened this blog to wake up, to wake myself up, to wake people up.  Is not about me, is not about how many people follow me, is about helping people who needs it out there.

With Love,

Friday, October 10, 2014

DLP Challenge: Polka Dots

This is what I made for the DLP Challenge: Polka Dots
The first thing I though about was my older daughter's obsession, red polka dot dresses :)
I made this is for her :)

Take 5 Minutes to Love Yourself

Oh my goodness! I did it! 5 min of meditations lol without opening my eyes wanting to know what to think about, wow! I think it took me two weeks to get to 5 min on and off of course, I couldn't stick to it to practice meditation every day, but I've been doing it maybe 3 times each week. But right now I am so happy... I've been going in such a fast mode since yesterday that I took over the lead position in my preschool classroom that I decided to slow down a little bit this afternoon my meditating. The feeling is so relaxing... is like time expanded for me, I am not worrying to rush and get things done because I am calm.  Isn't that amazing? I find it quite impressive.

I used to laugh at my family when they told me I needed to meditate and none of them do it, except for my brother who has done it for years now. But I never even consider sitting still for a minute and do nothing, but the truth is that you don't sit there and do nothing, you are doing something, you are working on yourself, on your self love, on calming your anxiety, on feeling calm because you know that if you don't finish those things that you said you where going to do today are not going to kill you.

I am amazed at how peaceful I feel, I didn't know where to start or how to start, how to do it, but after reading about it for a couple of months I know that all it takes is to propose yourself and start.  I found this free site where I use the guided meditation, I first took the 2 min meditation and I couldn't do it, not for even a min. but now I just did the 5 min. one and wow! I feel wonderful :)

I hope this helps somebody out there to follow the steps to take a little time for yourself one day at the time, you'll feel the difference right away :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Making Changes from the Inside Out

I have to admit I am a Self Help fanatic, all I read are educational books especially Self Help.

I remember when I was a teenager I wanted to be a Psychologist but growing up in South America your parents tell you if you can study what you like or not.  They didn't approve of it, because in Psychology you had to deal with crazy people. That was their believe and that was IT!

Well as you can see in my About Me page I decided to take another easier more approved route, I became a Cosmetologist (Hair, Skin and Nails Professional) and after 12 years I decided to get another short career, a Preschool Teacher, a switch that helped me be with my kids when they came back from school and be with them as much as possible.

Anyways back to Psychology... Now that I have the freedom to do more things that I like I have chosen to read Self Help books which I want to start sharing my thoughts about what I read with you.

Is there any Self Help book that you like that I should add to my list?
Or maybe a book that you've been wanting to read but haven't get to it yet?
I am looking forward for you to share with me :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Page: About Me

Hello Dear Followers :)

I have decided to add an About Me Page in my blog.
I don't have an updated picture of myself so please bear with me, I'll replace it as soon as I can.

Meanwhile you can find out a little more About Me here

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Small Beginnings

I might work on it some more someday, 
but for now it will do.

I made it late at night on Friday
sitting on my bed
after a exhausting day, 
but I needed to do something creative,
something that can release who I am :)

So no matter how little time you have
you can always try to do at least 10 minutes of what you really like.

Thanks for visiting me :)