Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Leaf Journal Page

 Lately I've been contemplating how I use my time, even thought for me is really hard to use time on my own things during the day (because I feel guilty), I've come to realized that at night when I feel free to do the things I like because I am done with my part time job and house work; that I am too tired to do anything even to pick up a book and read it.

So today I decided to use an hour of my early afternoon to do the things I like. Today I chose Art Journaling.

I have step by step pictures below with a description under each one of them :)

I started by putting some white labels in my white page and spreading some colors, I used yellow, red, green and a little bit of light purple. 

Then I peeled the labels out and put some paint inside the white part to see what kind of effect I get.

Then I used a flat brush to spread those colors in the opposite direction that the background colors.

While all that was drying I decided to cut a leaf from brown paper using a big brown paper bag

and place it on my page like a collage. Then I took my black thin marker making small lines around the leaf to simulate stitches.

This is the final page, feeling the life and beauty of fall.

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  1. very cute and colorful. My fav part is the sticking effect!