Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Am Stuck In A Creative Rut. How Do You Get Out Of It?

Marianne asked this question in one of the groups I belong to. My answer was so long that I decided to post it here on my blog, hopefully others will benefit from it too.
Hi Marianne, I went through this a while ago. What worked for me was to take radical measures.
I don't want to scared you but this is what worked for me... 
I stopped watching the art journaling videos, I promised myself that I had to play in my art journal before I go watch another video again.
I know videos bring a lot of inspiration, but inspiration doesn't take you to ACTION

I also stopped browsing the net, because it was EATING the little time that I had to play with my art journal. 
After taking such a drastic measure I took the same time that I was taking watching videos and started journaling.
I faced the blank page and still felt stuck not knowing what to do, but I let my feelings talked through my hands, took some paint in my hands and started going at it on the page, yes, just like that, like a crazy lady fingerpainting like a two year old. 
Then I took a deep breath... looked at my page and just let it dry. Don't judge what you have in front of you, just let it be. Come back to it another day and if you don't like it you can spatter more paint on top of it or collage on it. 
The point is that the more I did this, the more ideas came to my head. I know I am not a great art journaler, but that's how I am finding out what I love to do. Which is doodling and making backgrounds so far.
Another thing that I heard and tried that worked was... JUST DO IT! yeah like the Nike commercial JUST DO IT!. So grab your stamps, pens, colored pencils, whatever you have at hand and start doodling, sketching whatever you see in front of you and START JUST START
It will probably take a few times to do this until you get to the routine that DOING is more important than WATCHING others do art.
After you get this DOING down science, then you can come back to ONE video for inspiration and START DOING ART AGAIN based on what inspired you, but don't let that video become ten. 
The internet has its way to suck you in, so just put in your mind that (at least this is what I do) the internet is a very valuable tool that I am very fortunate to have when I NEED IT.
Another thing that I have tried and helped was to do art journal after you meditate if this is something you don't do you can start by doing a 1 minute meditation which I did and it worked then little by little you'll increase the time to you like, that also worked for me. 
I really hope this helps you and others out there. Please try it out and come back and let me know how are things going, I really would like to help as much as I can :)

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