Friday, February 27, 2015

Today I Am Grateful For You, For My Readers...

I've been wanting to write this since yesterday and I am not going to put it off anymore.
Right now as I am writing this, I have a migraine that has been with me for 12 hours now.
But like I said... I am not going to put it off anymore.

I am writing here to say... THANK YOU
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and most of all for commenting.
THANK YOU because those comments let me know that you were here and you saw something you liked.
THANK YOU because those comments encourage me to keep on going and posting in my blog.
THANK YOU because the more I read about what you have to say here, the more I want to share and teach the little bit I know. (comparing to other people)
THANK YOU because you make me feel that I have friends, even though you are distant from me, I know that you are there ready to talk and share our arts and crafts at anytime.
I know a lot of people say, online friends are not real friends.
But I say, online friends are real people,
who have the same passions that I have,
who enjoy the same things that I enjoy,
who share their talent as I share mine.
Online friends are real friends.


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