Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Love Scrapbooking

Today I realized how much I miss scrapbooking.
I kept on looking at scrapbook pages online
and my hands were itching to start playing with paper :)
So as soon as I had some time to relax
I started working on this digital layout of my nephew.

I've in the process of cleaning my art/scrapbook table
 I seriously want to go back to do some traditional scrapbooking
maybe make some videos of my scrapbook process
together with some art techniques since I want to mix
scrapbooking and art. 
I love making my own backgrounds,
so that will be fun :)

Don't you think so?
Have you mixed scrapbooking and art?
Please let me know in your comments so I can go take a look at your pages,



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