Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Less Is More #artjournal

Less is more...
it can be interpret many ways.

For this art journal page
I used foam trays
(I get them at the market with my vegetables)

cut them and make patterns 
with anything that has a point
a pen, the other side of a small paintbrush
just anything you have around :)

and the message you see below is
Often doing less gets you more

when I saw this 
I immediately thought about
which is one of my goals this year

So what Less is More means to you?...

Take care,



  1. I love your home made texture plates, Clemencia! Lovely colours on your journal page as well!

  2. Great textures and designs on your cover. Sometimes less is definitely more, sometimes for me, more is so much more. xox

  3. What a great idea Clemenica. Love your quote! More and more, I look around at the everyday in my life. The closer I look, the more beauty I see!

  4. So true! Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!