Friday, December 30, 2016

Journal, Planner, Hobonichi or Bullet Journal On The Go?

Yes you can. This is a new concept for me too :) and it's so much fun!
Here is how it started, this is what happened...
I started writing things down on my planner with whatever I had in hand, a pen, pencil and a few markers I had around; even though my planner is nice and colorful it was already getting boring ha ha ha. So I thought to myself, this is not going to work unless I have all my journaling, embellishments and decorative supplies together, anything I can think of to decorate my notebook while I am writing my to do list and responsibilities to make it more fun :)

After gathering my supplies (by the way, even putting my supplies together was super fun) in one of these scrapbooking hold it all bags I realized I can take my planning everywhere with me :) (just like the scrapbook crops)

All of the sudden the idea of writing down a reminder for myself of everything I want to do and accomplish got so much better, a lot more fun this way. 

Planning on the go? Yes!!!  

Once you start gathering supplies to decorate your planner you realize how much you have. 

This is what I put in my bag:
colored pencils
colored pens
gel pens
colored and black sharpies
micron markers
glue stick
and my favorite... gelatos :)

Then after I gather this supplies I remembered I have a whole bunch of stickers I haven't used, I grab a small plastic box that I had and filled it up with:

washi tape
mini stamps
and a stamp pad

I love to collage so I'll be putting images of magazines and printables that I find here and there
maybe in an envelope to stay organized since that's one of my goals this year.

I know there is a lot more supplies you can decorate your journal/planner with
and different ways to organize them
 here is a few ideas I found online to help you and me take on this project :)

I hope you are having as much fun as I am doing this :)

Much Love,


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