Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm getting the hang of it

And I love it!!!

Call me crazy but today I got up so sore, my whole body aches from working outside in the backyard trying to give our bunny a place of his own. I am so out of shape that even my fingers hurt. ha! but they don't hurt THAT bad! that I can't do art :D
So I got up and after doing a few house chores I decided to get my creative juices going,

 here is what I made :) another background in my own personal art journal,
Men! I am really liking this, it is kind of adictive, you can be yourself and do WHATEVER you want.
I LOVE that!!! lol
Anyways, here is a close up


As you can see here I went crazy trying different methods, the background has gesso, and let it dry, then I tried watercolors, just cheap school watercolors for now until I get better and can afford better ones,

I did this in green and blue inspired by my trip to Puerto Rico this summer, then I didn't even let it dry and put some soft yellow acrylic paint to a bubble wrap I found and sticked it to my paper :) but still needed something else so I used a plastic container where my brushes came into and put some soft pink acrylic paint and put it in my page where it was kind of empty. So far it looked good as a background so I am letting it dry.

Just in case you are wondering about that Winni the Pooh box, is where I keep my cheap acrylic paint :)

Well, thank you for taking a look, I really like art journaling, it gives me an opportunity to let it all out and be myself, to put in paper what I like and try some new techniques that I maybe use some day in my scrapbooking.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Art Journal Page

Ok so I finally got brave enough to make my first art journal page.
I've been watching tutorial for a few months in youtube here and there,
so I had a good idea on how to start.

This page is not a big deal one :) but I did wanted to make a page
with something that I like and that says something about me...

So here it is...

Btw, I found out that my problem with blogger is my browser, I am still using windows 7 :D
I love it and I don't want to upgrade it yet, but I know eventually I will and all my computer problems will be gone, but for now I am just going to live with it,

Thanks for visiting :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Problems with Blogger

I am not sure if I am alone in this one, but my blog is acting up, I closed it with frustration, but I am reopening it to see if I get any help from somebody out there.

It is not letting me highlight the text to add a link to it :(

it is not letting me continue writing after I add a picture to my post

it is also not letting me go back to the middle or beginning of my post to fix or add something

Does anybody knows what's going on?

I have sent feedback to Blogger but never answer back

I know is not my mouse or keyboard because I have try them in other programs and it all works

Very frustrating, can somebody help me please?