Monday, September 9, 2013

Mini Layout

I am participating at The Big Idea Festival

Big Picture Classes

and the lack of pictures of my childhood is amazing lol
Anyways here is my layout about my memories at my grandparents house... sigh,
All the love they gave us :)

One of my grandparents "Pancho" had a little tiendita, the corner store in his house, and everytime we went to visit He would give us a pack of cookies "galletas amor" but not just that, He would let us (my sister and me) sit on his lap and eat them with him so mom wouldn't complain or take it away from us lol so funny.

And my other grandfather from my mother's side "Enrique" He had a little hardware store adjacent to his house, but He had some special candy for us, from China (he was born there) the candy had a drawing of a little bunny and it had rice paper inside... so delicious!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for this challenge bringing so many good memories of my childhood :)

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  1. It is always so nice to thonk about childhood, grandparents love is inconditional.. I also use to eat sweets with my grandparents somthat mum cant say anything..
    Keep in touch,