Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Pinterest Finds

When I take a break from all the things I do, I usually read my e-mail or just relax looking at Pinterest trying to see what to choose for my next project, but there are soooo many cute things that your mind goes crazy, look what I found (that I like) in Pinterest

These bookmarks are made out of paper clay, awesome activity for an older child and you together :)

And these ones are just adorable, made out of felt, the site is in Portuguese but under this picture you'll find a link that is in English telling where you can find the pattern :)

o.k. Wild Olive just takes one of the top sites for me, I love making things by hand, and sewing even more, I love making small stuff, and I love coffee, so there you go, this is just ME!

Mason Jars are just awesome, at the beginning I couldn't see the beauty of them, but my daughter really likes them, so I started looking for things that she can make in her little time off, then I started liking them more and more :) These are so cute you can use them to embellish anything :)

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  1. Gr8 finds , i am inspired..
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