Thursday, September 12, 2013

Right Brain Left Brain

I've been really curious lately about what creativity has to do with the right and left side of the brain

so I did a search to take a test for it and I found this one here for free :) it only took a couple of minutes to do it and I am SO amazed with the results:

It says that I am 60% Left Brain and 40% Right Brain

But when I really, really think about it, it might be right lol

I am a hairdresser who practice for nearly 12 years then I had my second daughter and decided to be a preschool teacher which I did for 6 years, the hairdressing career falls under being creative and the preschool teacher falls under math and science, I love doing both things but when it comes to my hobby is all art, what's up with that?

Aren't I supposed to use my right brain more? lol

Would you take the test and come back and share with me your results? :)

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