Thursday, September 19, 2013

What would you be if you could be whatever you wanted to be?

I decided to play this little game with Ginger from Love from Ginger blog and she asked this question which made me think...

I think I would be a Model or a Preschool Owner, when I was 17 I model in my country, Ecuador, and won a few contests; my mom saw that this was not just a passtime or hobby for me, so she put a stop to it lol I don't blame her, she was just protecting me; then I came to the States and became a Hairdresser and had the opportunity to model for a Hair Show, nothing big, just a State Hair Show where I felt like in heaven, I loved it! but then I got pregnant and that was it, no more modeling for me, my choice, my family became my priority, which is still like that :)

But at 17 I had another dream also, I lived near a Preschool and I loved looking at the parents dropping off their child to school, since then I wanted to have my own Preschool. When I had my second child I stayed home and studied to be a Preschool Teacher, changed careers and practiced too, loved it also!!!
But things here in Florida are not as easy as saying I am going to open my own Preschool. So to make a long story very short, we'll keep it as that :)

But dreams are not done! Now I am a stay at home mom and this thought in my head has been lingering for a while now, I want to open my own online business where I can sell what I make, my Art, Crafts and Scrap kits.  And that's what I want to be if I could be whatever I wanted to be :)

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  1. Such great dreams! So many people are making success from their handmade crafts these days...I say if you love it, go for it!