Friday, October 11, 2013

Frustation No!... Inspiration!!!

I've been missing doing art,
I just haven't put it in my priority list
sadly :(
But since I miss it so much,
while I was cleaning my daughter's bathroom
I found a MESS!!!

It could be really easy to get frustrated,
but what for?
I am alone in the house all morning
so I let it go, and keep on cleaning,
but... wait a minute!
the colors are beautiful!
so I decided to take a picture :D
and after cleaning the bathrooms, instead of sitting and taking a break
I decided to do some art
there is no best way to make circles than a toilet paper tube :)

I started with the lighter colors first,
then flip it around and do the rest of the colors
inspired by my daughter's mess :)

I am usually not impatient at all, but this time I really wanted to finish this page
so I took the same paper tube and rolled it on my page
but I wanted to absorb some of the paint to dry it faster :)

After it dried completely I started doodling on the corner
without knowing what was I going to do
I doodled a little frame,
so small that nothing would fit but the word "ME"
then that inspired me to try to draw myself
with a few words of encouragement :)




  1. How clever of you to see art in your everyday life and reproduce it in your journal. My inspirations usually strike when I'm out somewhere and are quickly forgotten. You made yours into a reality. Loved seeing this!

  2. Great Job..... The operative word is.....PLAY.......


  3. Nice! I like the colors you used on this page.

  4. This is great!> Toilet paper rolls are amongst my favorite easily found stamps! I even have one I have reinforced at one end with masking tape to help it keep its circular shape. Others I don't mind them being a bit out of shape gives them a distressed look!

  5. I love the colours! And I'm so glad you were inspired to paint. X Jane