Sunday, November 10, 2013

Challenge Day 10 Hand Sewn Owl Needle Book

Today I had a hard time with the Internet
bu finally got it to work :) to be able to post
Here is my finished Owl Needle Book
In case you are wondering the front is the Embroidered Owl
For this book I made the pages with felt
pink, blue and green
just like me Embroidered Owl

And I saw some pockets for the embroidery floss
with a blanket stitch 

And on another page
I did a pocket for my scissors
And as you can see just a plain running stitch
for the middle of the book
holding the felt pages in :)
I sewed (I hope that's right) everything by hand
even the brown owl fabric to my embroidered owl :)
Thank you so much for taking a look :)


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  1. I have been reading your blog via email. You did a nice job with the embroidery! Your needle book came out very cute. Thanks for sharing!