Monday, November 18, 2013

Challenge Day 16 & 17 Digital Scrapbooking

Is really hard for me to use the computer during the weekends
so here I am today with my challenges from saturday and sunday
trying to be creative in a different way
I have play with my pictures creating a digital scrapbook :)
I work with PSPX2
for this picture I only added 2 diffent frames
but I colorized them with her favorite colors
This one has a charcoal effect

Pencil Effect choosing a pink color 
Pencil Effect with a white color 

Brush Stroke effect

For this picture I darken the background and
used a mask as a frame

 This picture took me a lot of time,
as I had to remove all the background from the picture
make it a tube and then make the rest of the frame
using borders and inner bevels
 And for this one I didn't remove the background
just added some borders
and decorate them with patterns to make it
stand out a little bit
Well, that was my creativitiy for the weekend,
let's see how do I get creative today
and hopefully post it tonight :)
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  1. Cute pics.. :)
    Have a wonderful week
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