Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Challenge Day 19 & 20 Mug Cozy

 Today I am super happy that I got another project done :)
I worked on this project for about a week on and off
three to four rows at the time
and finally today I woke up and said:
that's it! I am finishing it today!

 And here it is
and on the side I put a button so is easy to put it on and off
in any mug :)
Now if you want to make it here are the instructions:
I used knittin needles # 3
and yarn # 4
(one of the regular yarns that you see in the craft stores)
Cast on 17 sts.
and knit rice stitch until you have 24 cm. or 9 1/2 in.
bind off.
Then in the middle of one of the sides
 make 5 chains with any crochet you have around
to make a look for the button.
On the other side sew the button
in the middle of the row.
And you are done.
This is a project you can make in a day
but my lack of time didn't allow me :)
Please share yours if you make one :)
thanks for visiting


  1. Very cool! I bet it keeps your coffee hot for longer

  2. What wonderful colors, and a great idea. mu coffee always gets gold before I can finish it!

  3. It's such a good idea , I will ask my mum to make it
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