Friday, November 22, 2013

Challenge Day 22 Sunglass Case part 2

I think this picture doesn't do justice
to all the work I put in this little piece of fabric hahaha!
I went to the store to get a red fabric to match my crochet piece
and this one I found is just perfect!
is hard to see in the picture, but it has red and some of that
dark red that the yarn has,
anyways, I do not do good sewing in a sewing machine
at least I think so,
so I am sewing this by hand
but to get it ready, I cut my piece of fabric 1/4" longer than what I need it
and fold that 1/4 by pining it and ironing it
to keep it from moving when I go to sew it :)
It shouldn't take long to do this
if you have all the materials at home
but since I don't do this often
it took me a little while to get it done
but... I did my creative part for today :)
thanks for visiting,


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  1. Beautiful work! It's always fun to make something practical that you can enjoy looking at each time you use it.