Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Challenge Day 26 Revive a Wrinkled Ribbon

Wow! What happened to me? with all the rest of the challenge days?
Well, Life happened lol
I've been trying to get creative everyday, but planning for Thanksgiving :D
But here is my creativity of today :)
Making a wrinkle ribbon look like new
instead of using the regular iron
I took my hair iron, warmed it up,
and run the ribbon like if it was your hair,
that's it!

You can see here how straight is half of the ribbon
(on the back) sorry couldn't put it on the front
managing my camera in one hand and the rest on the other hand
wasn't that easy,
I guess I need a tripod ha!
I know what I am asking for Christmas lol
thanks for stopping by :)


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  1. Cool and easy ., :)
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