Monday, November 4, 2013

Challenge Day 4 Making My Own Thread Bobbins

I while ago I saw a post about making thread bobbins out of a milk jug
For these ones, I used an old bobbin that I had
and made it longer to be able to fit the whole thread
I used a sharpie to outline them
that's why they look so sloppy like that
But I am not done, I am going to cut them better and clean them up
I got 20 bobbins out of 1 milk jug :)
For sure I am not going to see empty milk jugs the same way ever again lol
That's my Creativity at work for today so far :)



  1. Thanks for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday, hope you'll be back again!

  2. I bought a sizzix die just so i can make bobbins from plastic packaging and cardboard. i gotta say, i never thought of milk jugs! thanks!