Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Challenge Day 5 Making T-shirt Yarn

I've been wanting to make T-shirt Yarn since
I saw this tutorial a while ago
I have it on my Pinterest here
But I took some pictures anyways of the step by step procedure
First you take a t-shirt
this is a child's one that is stained
(hard to see in the picture)

 Then you fold it half
with the opening away from you
Then I measured an inch
an marked with a pen

An start cutting the t-shirt
leaving about 1/2  on the top without cutting
(that's what gives you the continuity of the yarn)

I tried cutting all the way to where the sleeves are
and it just doesn't work well
so seems like you can only use the body part of the t-shirt

Once is all cut
take the bottom of the -shirt
(where you started cutting)
and cut a slit at an angle

Then open the t-shirt up
and cut following the strand
(where I am pointing with the scissors)
to make a continuous yarn

Once all cut
stretch the strand
to make it curl

Now all you have to do is roll it into a ball :)

I have to tell you
I am so happy that I took this challenge
I feel that I accomplished something in my day
that brings happiness to my being :)
Thanks for visiting
and for all the support I am getting
AND... your awesome comments
it keeps me going :)



  1. Wow! Pretty neat. I bet you can make some interesting textured "stuff" out of that yarn!

    1. Yes :) I am thinking maybe a basket for all my yarns :) or a small rug for my bedside floor :)

  2. I never know this could be done, so thank you for the clear directions! This yarn should make an interesting project!

  3. Very nice DIY
    Keep in touch,