Thursday, November 7, 2013

Challenge Day 7 mini pies

O.k. These did not come out like I thought they would
My daughter was feeling crafty
so we decided to make some mini pies
from an American Girl book that she has

we were supposed to use bottle caps, but we only had one
(the one in the middle)
and for the rest we used waterbottle caps :/
we used felt to make it look like the pie crust
and beads to make the inside of the pie
We worked with what we had here at home
so Yeah! is not the best, but pretty good for a 8 y. old :)
I think :)
She says the green one is key lime pie
the blue is blueberry pie
and the red one is cherry pie,
they are the perfect size for polly pocket dolls,
just in case a mom out there wonders
and Ah! we used white glue to hold it all together
so they don't come apart and make a big mess :)
Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. They surely are very good for 8 years old, ur daughter is quit artistic..
    Keep in touch,