Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Look Inside...

I know my blog hasn't been the most active in the world at all, but as I reflect on why is that? I realize that my passion is hidden under a bunch of problems, is like a mountain keeps on piling on top of my hobbies without letting me get to them.

Two weeks ago I took a part time job, after not working for 8 months, is really taking me off track. I already had that stay at home mom routine going for me, where I did the cleaning, laundry, dishes, shopping and even cooking done in the morning while my daughter was in school.  But now I am working in the morning and still have to keep up with the house all by myself, my husband just works way to hard, from 6am to 6pm with a bad back and now some broken ribs due to a car accident. So pretty much the house is all on me.

I try to set time aside at night to unwind and at least read or do some crochet, since I can't do the rest of the stuff I like, art journaling or scrapbooking, and I see why... for those things I have to set up a work space, a table or an area where I am going to lay my stuff down and dedicate a little time to it.

As much as I love to do all kinds of crafts: crochet, knitting, crafting with my daughter, embroidery, etc. my real passion is in Scrapbooking BUT my approach to scrapbooking is a little different than what you usually see out there; is a combination of Art Journaling (without the journaling) I just don't like that part, and the creation of my own embellishments, now THAT'S where my heart is. That's when, for reason, I get all energized just by talking about it :)

So you'll be seeing more of me now, as I unwind and tell you what's going on with my life, and how to I approach this problem I have, maybe you are or have been in a similar situation where we can relate and help each other :)

Thanks for reading my craziness as I look inside myself...



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  1. Sounds like you need to delegate to your daughter a little. It is never to early to teach them to clean the kitchen, their room, and laundry. At 5 I had my boys cleaning and doing laundry. They grew up to be very responsible young men, who cook, clean, and do their own laundry. I figure if they live there they it is their home to.