Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art Journaling for Scrapbooking Pages

I am so happy to share these backgrounds that I made today,
I got up really early this morning, just couldn't sleep anymore...
usually when this happens I go to the living room and read,
but this time I took advantage and went to my super messy garage
and without thinking I went straight to my art journaling supplies
got my things out and started working on my backgrounds,
that's all I wanted to do,
at least just a background that I can use in my future scrapbooking :)

So here is how I made this one:
I prep the page with gesso a while ago
and used this page to clean extra paint from another art journal paper
that's where the pink lines came from,
 but can easily get them like that by using an old credit card.
Then I use natural sponges with acrylic paint to do the edges
with pink and brown,
then I took my honey comb stencil and sprayed
with my purple and lime green homemade spray paints
let it dry, then came back and experimented with my new
gelatos that my little daughter gave me for Christmas :)
but I only use it with the stamp
you can see it a little bit on the corners in blue.
Now this second background that you see here is
the thrifty side of me...
after spraying on top of my stencil
I took a new page and flip the stencil around
to make a mark in the new page
I like it just like it is, I think is ready for some scrapbooking on top :)
So what do you think?
Have you made something lately?
Please share with us by leaving a comment with a link to your new creations,
and thank you for stopping by :)

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