Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting Closer to Your Dreams

My daughter in college is making realize that getting closer to our dreams really depends on US,
yes! US!
 not on the time we have or the stress we have.  I know stress can keep us away from things we love even from people we love, but I am not going to get there since I am not a psychologist, but from experience I have learned that doesn't matter how much stress you have, at some point, like me, you have to recognize that some kind of stress is always going to be in your life, I mean that's just life.  So at the same time to make this happen, having time for what I like, we have to say...
 enough is enough!
Is like, you have to give yourself permission to unwind and do what you like, do at least a little bit of what makes you happy, what relaxes you, what do you look forward to. 

You'll see that after doing it for just a few minutes, you'll want to do it more and more and more. And that's when we finally find a way to stick with it and fit happiness and relaxation time into our lives.

Since I started this job, I said to myself that I can still do yoga or stretching exercises, if I fit it right after work three times a week, so far I have been able to stick with it most of the time. Is like proposing to yourself to do something and sticking with it.  

Now thanks to Cheryl (a lady from one of the Art Journaling online groups that I belong to) made me realize that another way to look at it and getting to fit what you like into your life is by making an appointment to do what you enjoy, arts, crafts, etc. But my response to her was just what you are thinking right now... Oh boy! you have no idea how many appointments I have cancelled with myself  lately :( And her answer was much better than what I expected, since I didn't expect any answer at all.

"We make appointments for doctor, dentist and other important times.  We all need to consider ourselves very important this year and make time to do things we enjoy and bring us spiritual healing.  You are worth it!!!" (Cheryl)

Now I am going to leave you with that thought, maybe it will inspire you and me to do something this weekend :)



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  1. Thank you! I read that at the perfect time. I've just started a new job and after two weeks, they changed my schedule from 8am to 7am. I DO get off at 3:30 (half hour lunch, by my choosing); however, I'm just so tuckered out that when I come home I just serf the internet all night and then go to bed. If I have time to serf, I have time to make art! I just need to stop hating on myself by breaking these appointments! Well-timed advice!