Friday, October 10, 2014

Take 5 Minutes to Love Yourself

Oh my goodness! I did it! 5 min of meditations lol without opening my eyes wanting to know what to think about, wow! I think it took me two weeks to get to 5 min on and off of course, I couldn't stick to it to practice meditation every day, but I've been doing it maybe 3 times each week. But right now I am so happy... I've been going in such a fast mode since yesterday that I took over the lead position in my preschool classroom that I decided to slow down a little bit this afternoon my meditating. The feeling is so relaxing... is like time expanded for me, I am not worrying to rush and get things done because I am calm.  Isn't that amazing? I find it quite impressive.

I used to laugh at my family when they told me I needed to meditate and none of them do it, except for my brother who has done it for years now. But I never even consider sitting still for a minute and do nothing, but the truth is that you don't sit there and do nothing, you are doing something, you are working on yourself, on your self love, on calming your anxiety, on feeling calm because you know that if you don't finish those things that you said you where going to do today are not going to kill you.

I am amazed at how peaceful I feel, I didn't know where to start or how to start, how to do it, but after reading about it for a couple of months I know that all it takes is to propose yourself and start.  I found this free site where I use the guided meditation, I first took the 2 min meditation and I couldn't do it, not for even a min. but now I just did the 5 min. one and wow! I feel wonderful :)

I hope this helps somebody out there to follow the steps to take a little time for yourself one day at the time, you'll feel the difference right away :)


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