Monday, October 13, 2014

Wake Up!

I had this urge to write in my blog today after meditating twice for the first time in my life and listening to Gabrielle Bernstein "Awakening Your Authentic Power" which I had to interrupt to come and write to let you know that for quite a while know I've been searching for my purpose in life.

Asking myself all kinds of questions, listening to all kinds of inspirational videos, reading tons of self help books, but I have to tell you, this video "Awakening Your Authentic Power" spoke to me.

After listening to half of it, I paused it, came to my computer to search for a guided meditation and for the first time I felt the connection, I saw the light, for the first time my mind didn't wonder around, I didn't picture myself sitting and meditating. I just saw "blank", like a light.

It is really different to explain, but I know that if I got there, ANYBODY can, why? because I used to laugh at people who told me I needed to meditate. It was nonsense to me, it was a waste of time in my past believe, but now I know is nothing like that. Is a powerful, rechargeable way of communicating with a higher power, which to me is God.

Now I know that I opened this blog to wake up, to wake myself up, to wake people up.  Is not about me, is not about how many people follow me, is about helping people who needs it out there.

With Love,

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