Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Is My Passion? How Do I Find My Passion?

For quite a while now, I've been thinking about this...

How do I choose my passion?
What is passion?
If you look in the dictionary passion is a noun, is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.
Another definition says: a strong feeling or desire.
Compelling? That word sounds familiar...
Compelling is an adjective, it means overpowering. Having a powerful and irresistible effect.
Have you ever felt a powerful feeling to do something, and irresistible desire to do something you like?

So, now that I know this, How do I find my passion?
This should be easy, right?
Nope!, not so easy for me or a lot of people out there, not for us who don't have time for ourselves and discover what do we really like, not for those of us who likes so many things that you don't know which one to choose. Which one is your passion?

Why is this so important?
Do we need to have a passion?
Do we need to choose one thing that we like the most and call it our passion?
The answer is NO.  Who said so? Who says we have to choose one?
You and me can be gifted with lots, many passions.

We are beings capable of learning as many things as we like in our lifetime. So why are you going to limit yourself to one is that's not your desire?

Now let's think...

What drives you?
What fuels you?
What things you can talk about with a high level or energy and enthusiasm?

I have noticed that for me is not just one thing. That's why I named my blog: A Life Full of Passions.
For me is a lot of things.

I love talking and writing about what I read the night before mainly self help books, specially when I get an a-ha moment, I love to share that. Or when I learned something that can change my life and yours for the better.
I love to share what I create, when I crochet something that I never thought I could do but with the instructions of another blogger I could.
Or my art journaling when I make a page combining crazy colors and it looks good, it gets me excited because I know that I was never able to combine colors not even to save my life.

Those are some of my passions.

What are your passions? and if you have only one (which I doubt it) because if you like to do art and you like to go to the beach that's more than one already :) which one is it?

Just write in the comments the first thing that comes to your mind, Doesn't matter how long is your answer. I would love to know...
what drives you?
what fuels you?
what do you wish you can do all day long?

I love to hear from you,


  1. Oh my...I know how you feel!
    But there are also those times that the 'mojo' just is not there, no matter what we see or do.
    I feel like I am bipolar when it comes to my passions!!

  2. Ha ha ha I know exactly what you mean, is not bipolar, there is a really good book about it, called Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher, it helped me understand that it's normal to like so many things ☺