Friday, November 14, 2014

Remember Gratitude Always

Today I played around with my art journal
I started by drawing the leaves and cutting them out,
then put the cut out on the paper
 and use gelatos to trace the leaves on my art journal page
keeping the cut out in place, I spread the gelato with a wet brush
cleaning the brush as the color changed
After finishing that step I removed the cut out
and painted the inside of the leaves with acrylic paint and a brush
Once dry, I glued the message that I found in an old mini calendar.

The message says:

When fortune is against us 
we don't forget to whine,
but do we remember gratitude 
when everything is fine?

I just thought it was so true...

I feel like something is missing...
I would love some feedback on my page, 
please leave a comment on what do you think :)


  1. Very nice Clemencia! You could add some texturing perhaps, with stencils or stamps. Or some doodles inside the leaves showing the veins.

  2. I love the idea :) I'll give it a try :) thanks so much for caring and sharing :)

  3. Very nice and i love the quote. I agree the leaves need some detailing.

  4. Maybe also try putting some black or very dark gray in the parts that are now white, so your wonderful mix of colors has a dark background? Thanks for sharing this via AEDM--I like what you did!

    1. Love the idea, maybe gray better :) I'll give it a try :) thanks