Sunday, December 7, 2014

Learning To Be Myself

Yeah, that's right! I am 42 y. old and I am learning to be myself in a more profound way, I am learning to follow my path in life and discover what is my purpose here in this life, what am I here for? I believe that there is something else for me besides being a mom, a wife, a Cosmetologist and a Preschool teacher, I know there is more, I can feel it!

In result of all this I have decided to write about my life, my feelings and my thoughts as I wish... HERE in this blog.  I am always thinking of different things, planning what to do with my life  and my time, but I always keep it for myself and is getting to me now, I feel like I am always talking to myself, confusing myself with all this thoughts, so I thought if I write them down I'll stop all that confusion that is driving me crazy. Plus I can get somebody's input to what I have to say. I would love that!!! It would be like an interactive diary! (smiles) :)

How funny, when I was a kid and a teenager all my friends had diaries and I refused to have one. Hmmm...  and look at me now! It must be the midlife crisis lol I don't believe in that, ha!

Anyways. I LOVE blogging so this is perfect, for me at least lol Maybe that's the passion that I am looking for... writing about my life, how funny would that be, if that was the answer.  I like to do so many things that I already made a million plans in my head for all those things that I like :) but I'll write about them another time.



  1. I know exactly what you mean Clemencia! Writing down your thoughts might help you clear your mind and put things into perspective. Sounds like you have a "scanner" personality, like me! Scanners tend to have a lot of interests and they throw themselves into each with passion, only to drop it as soon as something else comes along. I hope you'll keep your diary going though! I find the best way to get lots of people visit my blog is to comment on other blogs and most often they come to visit me back! Which is exactly how I got here myself! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!

  2. I see you read the same book that I did: Refuse to choose by Barbara Sher, I love that book, I learned so much! I'm glad to hear that I am not alone :) and thanks for the very welcome advise. I feel like I have an online friend already :) take care