Thursday, January 29, 2015

Acceptance #WOIW With A Little Secret...

Wow!!! What a word!
Kraaft Shack has WOIW which means: "Word Of Inspiration Wednesday" and this is the word for this week: ACCEPTANCE

Boy!!! that word got stuck on my head :)

I'm going to let you in a secret of mine... for me the hardest thing through out my life has been to accept myself :/
that's right! believe it or not, that has been my reality for many years. Until, thanks to my husband that taught me that I have to take care of myself and be who I truly am.

For years now I've been on the search of...

who am I really?

what do I like?

what would I do if...?

By reading lots of self help and self esteem books I have learned to accept who I am, to accept myself and now... I am SO HAPPY!!!

I keep on reading self help books just because I always like Psychology.
I like the idea of self grow; I love to learn and I think I always will.

Anyways... for about a year now I've been watching people how they do art journaling and for a few months now I started exploring it myself.

Even though I like a lot, I could even say I love it, I love playing with the colors and techniques and experimenting with different things I realized that I miss Scrapbooking which I got into since my older daughter (now 20) was a baby.

As always life takes place and you do what you like less and less, I took the route of doing digital scrapbooking for a while there, since I moved and couldn't get to my scrapbook supplies, but now that I have ALMOST everything in place I want to go back to it.

It seems like traditional scrapbooking is dying but I miss it and I am going to do it!
You see, that word comes to my head again... ACCEPTANCE

I have to accept that I am not an expert art journaler like I would like to be.
I have to accept that I want to keep on scrapbooking and I LOVE IT! even though technology is taking over.
I have to accept that I LOVE mixed media also even though I don't do it as often as I want to.

ACCEPTANCE  is really going to take me farther than what I thought!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this word out, is like it was meant to be for me. At the same time that my prayers are asking for clarity in my life and some other things that I am trying out :)

I am a Cosmetologist.
I am a Preschool Teacher.
I am an Artist in my own way.
I am a Mother.
I am a Wife.
I am a learner.
I am a Writer (sorry this is long)
I am a Daughter.
I am a lot more things...

I am who I am, this is my ACCEPTANCE :)


  1. girl - you have nailed this word! I am very proud of you for taking it all the way - even to your lovely scrapped page. Keep on growing and sharing the journey with us.

  2. That is a beautiful scrapbook page Clemencia :) I dabbled in scrapbooking for a few years but never got very organized. I felt pressure to stay in order..start at the begining..and the thing I really didn't like..journal. I am much more a art journaler and I respect your passion for scrapbooking.

  3. You ladies are so sweet!
    You have no idea how much these comments touch my heart :)

  4. I am glad that you do what you love +Clemencia. Scrapbooks are a history. I have my mother's and grandmother's scrapbooks and they amaze me. Be true to yourself. Hugz