Monday, January 5, 2015

Art Journaling _ How to Face the Blank Page

It might seem scary to face that blank page at one point or another
but remember... it's your journal... you really don't have to show it to anybody.
With that in my mind, I manage to start doing art.
If I am using a journal that has thin pages I start by spreading a thin coat of gesso.

I remember at the begining I didn't even know what gesso was,
but I went and bought it and realized that it gives the paper the strengh to support all the paint and paper you are going to put on top of it.

Anyways... I always spread it with my fingers, that way it dryes quickly while I chose the paint or paper I am going to use in my art journal page.

For this one I spread different color acrylic paints, you can see I took red, teal, yellow and a little green.
While it was drying I started looking for pictures and words in a magazine that can describe my goals for this year, which are more like encouraging myself to come out of my shell and do what I want to do :)

I glue that pieces down to the page as my heart desired :)

And that's it. That's one of the ways I art journal. 
I really don't plan the page, I let my heart take me and guide me through my art.
And if I like the outcome... I share it with the world lol

But since my word for this year is SHARE, I going a step further and share all of my work including steps by step process of them ;)

I hope with this I have helped many of you out there :)



  1. Lovely spread, and a great start to your sharing this year, Clemencia!

  2. Great page Clemencia :) Glad you are sharing!

  3. I like spreading paint with my fingers too! It's so much fun that way! Lovely page and so true what you said about fear of the blank page!