Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY MakeUp Remover

A while ago I started browsing through some beauty recipes I have
from when I was in Cosmetology school
I am very fortunate that I did Cosmetology school in South America
(that's where I am from)
where we have more of a natural and holistic way of doing things
and I also did my Cosmetology school here in the States (Ohio)
where I learned a whole lot more that complemented my career as a Cosmetologist :)

I decided to make the Make Up Remover 
since it has the easiest things you can get at any store.

This recipe is super easy and 
I already tested on myself.

It works awesome 
and is not expensive at all.

All you need is:

A mason jar like the one I am using here
Round cotton pads
1 1/2 cups of water
2 Tbs of tear free baby shampoo
1/4 tsp of baby oil

If you don't have this last two ingredients and you don't want to buy them since you only use so little I would just ask somebody who has a baby to share a little bit of them with you ;)

Just mix the water, the baby shampoo and the oil together
put some of the mix in the mason jar (maybe 1/3 of the jar full)
then put some of the round pads on the mix.
Then do the same little by little until the jar is full,
that way all the pads get soak with the solution.

That's it!

Can you believe how easy is that?

I've been using it for a month already and I love it!

I hope this comes in handy for you :)

Please let me know if you make it :)

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