Saturday, January 3, 2015

Free Art Class Fearless Painting

I took my first step forward taking this free art class that Connie has
I have to tell you I love her personality, I love the way she teaches, just awesome!

I tell you, it took guts to show you my first attempt since this is not what I usually do,
since I am a scrapbooker I tend to do art in a very organize, trying to put things strategically placed on the page making it look pretty.

This is more of a LET GO kind of painting, come back to your childhood way of expressing yourself.
Very freeing, it left me with a feeling of I can do it all,
I don't care what people think about it lol
this is just me letting my inner child come out and play.
That part of my childhood that needed healing is getting the theraphy needed :0

(Sigh) Oh so peaceful
(Deep Breath) It feels so good :)

Now that I uploaded the picture a question came to my mind...
What does it mean?

If you have an answer please come and share with me I would love to hear what do you think :)

Take Care,

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  1. This looks great Clemencia! I come from a scrapbooking background as well, and you're so right! We have to train ourselves to be more messy and think outside the box. Enjoy the journey!