Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Solving Overwhelm, One Step At A Time...

A little bit ago I wrote about how my head is just spinning with ideas and not knowing what to do, where to start, feeling overwhelmed.

I've been reading and listening to some people on the internet about how to be more productive and how to better use your time and I came to the conclusion that for now what's going to work for me is to clean, organize and prepare my work area to start doing what I like.

Meanwhile I am going to write down all the ideas that come to me head and work on them one at the time.

This is a drawing of my journal :)

I am trying to set a morning routine though for my 40 min that I have by myself in the morning and so far I have my Bible reading and some writing since I love to write for some reason :)

If somebody else was having a hard time like me, I hope this helps :)


  1. Hello, I found your post via Google + ( the crochet group ) and I understand completely what you say! Time is my biggest enemy, many ideas and not knowing where to start. The idea of writing and using that notebook and then start creating, is brilliant. From now on I am your new follower via Google +. Let's start creating !!!!
    I leave the link to my blog if I want to visit me. Nice to meet you, Marisa from Passion et Couture.

    1. Thank you so much Marisa, I hope a new friendship starts this way, I love to write about everything that helps me and can help others. I am SO HAPPY to know that this idea is helping you too. I love it! I love it! I love it! that shows me that my time online is so well worth it :)

  2. Same thing for years I have kept a pad next to my bed and chair in the den. At first I wrote my dreams down so I could go back to sleep. Then started writing down ideas and some times drawing something. After a long time the dreams turned into patents and with the ideas turned into a business. Now I have a little more time I can work on art so like you I write them down and build on them till I can see in my mind what it would be. Oh I also write down a to do list because I'm getting older and don't want to forget anything. LOL

    1. Joseph I read some time ago about writing your dream down to find out something about them. Now with my dreams I should probably do that, they are scary in a way, because I have come to find out that they are related to my real life, like for example last week I dream that my dog was telling me that her ear doesn't hurt anymore, I come to find out today that she doesn't have that nasty bacteria anymore. You see? a little scary to me :)
      Now on the other hand I love that your ideas turned into dreams... Hmmm... I would love that lol
      And writing down your to do list has nothing to do with age, believe me, it's all about PRODUCTIVITY ;) I've been writing my to do list for about 10 years now lol

  3. I try to write ideas down - I actually do quite a lot. I try to do one thing at a time...but I am such a craft hound every time I see something new I'm like: "SQUIRREL!" And I get so distracted.