Thursday, January 15, 2015

Step by Step Art Journal Page

Art Journaling is one of the things that just calls me for no reason
Even though I think there is a self healing reason
or a therapy involve during the process of making art.

Like always we start with a blank page

I decided to add a green watercolor to it
why? I really don't know is just what I felt like at that moment :)

Then I put some Faber Castell Gelatos that my daughter gave me for Christmas
and boy! I love them :)

I just put some random lines just like you see here, nothing to it 

Then, I spread the colors with my fingers
which I run through a baby wipe first for a little moist.
Once spread this is what it looks like

I added some arrows using a stencil
(that's what I am holding with my fingers there)

using a yellow gel pen

after that I decided to use an arrow stamp
using the same Faber Castell Gelatos
just by rubbing it n the stamp

spraying a little bit of water to it
before putting it on the paper

I saw that my corners looked a little naked to me
so I spread some more gelatos on the corner
with a wet brush ( the same that comes with the gelatos)

Again I decided to use a stamp

Now for the middle of the page
I took an old ripped children's book
and cut out what I liked
(recycle baby, recycle lol)

Arrenged it on the page how I liked it

Cut the excess if you want to

and doodle around the cut out :)

Now that still looked naked to me
so I stamped some words

and hearts all around using the same gelato technique

And there is my complete page again :)

I hope you like it
I hope you learned something new

Any suggestions just let me know
I am very open minded :)



  1. Thanks. I never knew you could use Gelatos on a stamp!