Monday, January 26, 2015

Today I Am Grateful For...1-26-15

Lord, today I am so grateful for the morning routine that I am starting and you are helping me stay there with it.
I am grateful for life,
I am grateful for one more day that I can have with my children, where I can teach them again one or few more things about you,
Thank you God for the happiness you instill in me even though we all go through hard times,
thank you for the food we eat every day,
thank you for the water you provide for us to drink and keep us healthy,
thank you for our health because we recognize that without health we wouldn't be able to enjoy this life,
thank you Lord for all the awesome resources we get in the internet that help us become a better person,
thank you for giving me the time to praise you and the courage to follow my heart in everything I do.
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day you have for me today :)
Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

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