Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixed Media Bunting Tutorial

Today I am sharing a special project :)
and I am also going to show how I made it.

I am making this post to respond to the 
#DTKall  #KraaftShaakDTKall   #DesignTeamKall  #DesignTeam

I hope you like it :)

This bunting represents me
How I am, what I like, what I live for :)

First I started with the prep work
 by applying white gesso to small paper bags

Then I added some acrylic paint to some of the bags
to use as a background

Now I am going to start by describing how I made each one 
of the flag starting with the left one that has the initials
J and J 
which represents my daughters, both of their names start with J :)

I started by applying a little glop of different colors of acrylic paint
and smashing it down with a children's brush 

once dry I took a piece of a paper full of holes
that I my husband had in between his tools in the garage lol
and used it as a stencil but you can find much pretty stencils here :)

when is dry you can stamp the letters J and the arrow 

Now for the second one I used a sponge to apply acrylic paint

then I just added a flower 
and a little yoga sticker also.

this represents my new way of exercise
which I am trying to stick with... yoga :)

Now lets move on to the next flag
I used a honeycomb stencil to make a background

where I stamped some words
(which I wrote lol )

This flag represents my dear life lol
because I get an Anaphylactic shock with bee stings :/
I discover this twice in my life 
once when I got stung
and another one when I was getting tested for bee allergies :/

O.k. so the next one is the easiest one
and very fun too
I painted the paper bag with

so much fun!

The next flag represents part of my morning routine
my gratitude journal
after I used the white gesso
I added blue acrylic paint
by painting it on bubble wrap
and then stamping it on the gessoed paper bag

once dry

I stamped the words
love on the top
and gratitude in the middle
then I doodled around them
I also drew two hearts with white acrylic paint
and doodled around them too
as well as the right edge of the flag :)

This next one I made is because I love coffee :)
so I started by cutting out pieces of paper from an old book
gluing them with
and adding some acrylic paint to the edges of those papers

once dry I added brown paint with a pencil eraser
to make dots

and then some stickers about coffee
and a coffee cup doodle that I made :)
using my Pitt Artist pen

Last but not least my favorite Owl :)
I smashed some blue acrylic paint
with a child's brush

while that was drying
I doodle my owl with a pencil
and then go over it with 

I cut it out and added to my flag
and painted the branch with brown acrylic paint

to add more depth to the whole picture
I drew the leaves with my Pitt Artist pen
as well as the little doodle on the corner :)

as you can see I cut a triangle at the end of all the flags
after they were all done.

To be able to hang the flags on the ribbon
I folded the paper bags using the
and gluing them on the back with the

I hope you like my project
it really didn't take that long
it was very quick and very easy too :)

with much love :)

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