Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#WOYWW 303 Some More Goodies On My Desk

I couldn't believe this morning 
that it is Wednesday already!

Oh my! time is just creeping up on me.

Well, this is my work table today :)
You can see that I am working on some goodies :)
and I got a new set of Gelatos from my
10 y. old daughter for my Birthday on Sunday :)
How perfect is that!
She even waited to give it to me
at the beach just because the set has
tropical colors :)

How cute is that?

Have fun hopping through some more work desks :)

I'll visit you soon :)


  1. How lovely and thoughtful of your young daughter, some one who knows just what makes mum happy
    Jan s. No 49

  2. Clemencia, I LOVE your little "lazy Susan" that looks like you could put a fair amount of goodies in there! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a fabulous day and what a sweetheart for your daughter to give that awesome goodness for your birthday and then to put so much thought behind it in giving it to you at the beach!!! She sounds lovely! Blessings for your new year of living! :))))

  3. So cute. I love my gelatos.

    Happy WOYWW
    Thx for sharing
    Pat #15, do drop by if you get a chance

  4. I swung by earlier today to see if you had filled that white desk organizer yet or not but you didn't have your post up yet. Now you do and I have to giggle that it is STILL empty. You have plenty in that other organizer though so that ought to keep you busy. Great new Gelatos! I just discovered some in my drawer. I've had them awhile but have only ever used one once. Gotta get on that! Thanks for the visit earlier! Judy #66

  5. I got my rolltop desk at American Home Furnishings. It was a clearance item. At the time we got it (10-12 years ago) desks were so disappointing (essentially just tables with one drawer) so I was tickled to find a wood rolltop to replace my very old presswood rolltop that was wearing out. The only other option at the time was an oak store in town that will order rolltops for you but no floor models to check out. We did recent furniture shopping and I saw that desks are making a comeback so that is a good thing. But seriously, if you want a rolltop get one from here: I want the one they have!!!

  6. Never tried them yet but they sure look like fun enjoy your gift :) hugs Nikki 1

  7. Those gelatos look good enough to eat, what a wonderful present your daughter gave you. Have fund using them. I love your desk caddy too.
    Have a great week,
    Von #69

  8. What beautiful colors of gelatos! I haven't broke down yet and bought some like that. I could really use them for my Hawaii trip, but I am trying to resist buying more "stuff". Jen (My Scrap Menagerie #72)

  9. I haven't tried gelatos but I have seen them being used on utube videos and the look great. There are so many products out there to try. Happy WOYWW!