Thursday, January 21, 2016

Backgrounds With Spray Paints

This is what one of my backgrounds looks like.

I've known always,
and is much clearer now that I've been doing
a few challenges and journal pages,
that I get bored doing the same thing.
Which brings me to realize that
I need to try new things, especially in art,
to keep focusing on what I love to do.

Here I am trying a new technique
I really don't know if somebody out there 
have done it before,
but I am sure somebody has.

I used spray paints on a glass surface
(a plain piece of glass 
that my husband was going to throw away)

then I put a blank paper on it 
and rubbed it gently with my hands
and when I took it out
this is what I got.

Isn't pretty :) ?

Then I sprayed the glass again
(without cleaning it)
and put my journal notebook on it
upside down

and got this :)

I am so happy with the results 
I love playing with my paints
without getting bored of doing the same.

Do you have any other techniques that you would like to share with me?
I would love to try them all :P

Happy Playing :)




  1. I like the result a lot. You can also do it to a blank page, ink out some images you see in the paint, like faces or animals etc., and then do your writing around the images. Here's a link in case you'd like to see something I did. It wasn't done the same way as you describe here though. I'll have to try that to get a more interesting accidental design. Thanks for your post!

  2. How fun I love printing especially on the gel print I can do that all day! I like how your print came out especially in your notebook with the writing.

  3. This is wonderful Clemencia! Sometimes, we just need to try something new or different to come out with great results. You dared to try something different, and look at your beautiful page! And when you said that you get bored with the same things - omg, i don't know an artist who doesn't get bored. ;) Have a great weekend! xx

  4. I love trying things Clemencia! So much fun--I love the colors you chose. They are almost iridescent. xo

  5. This is wonderful!! I think so many artists experiment until they find a few good ways that work for them to get different results... I smear acrylic paint on two individual pages, colours that will marry well...then I smoosh them together and pull them apart quickly and let them dry!! Then I search for images!! Works for me!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Clemencia, I like your monoprints a lot! I have not tried it your way before. I have an old glass cutting board I seldom use. Maybe if I used the back of it and then cleaned it well, it can do both jobs for me?
    Thanks for the good idea!

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