Friday, January 8, 2016

I Had No Idea What I Was Making :)

Ever since I saw this post 
at A Colorful Journey
I haven't stop thinking
about what to do.
I mean I am the Queen of frugal
and reusing stuff when it comes to
art and scrapbooking.

Now the idea here wasn't to scrapbook
it just started with knowing that I needed a background.
And to tell you the truth I made this 
while my preschool classroom was doing art
I sat with my kids to do art together
(and they love it!)

Anyways, I used the watercolors dot markers
also called bingo markers
and started with the lighter color
marking circles all over the page.

Then I came home and went to my recycle bin
and found this red envelope from a Christmas card.

I cut the corners, but since the envelope was written on the front
all over the place, I only used two of the corners.
Then I used an edge puncher to decorate the plain edge,
and place it on my background.
It looked a little plain so I went ahead and started
decorating the circles with a fine black permanent marker
making swirls, stitches, zig zags and little x's
in a few of them.

So far I had no idea what I was making,
then... the idea just came to me:
"this could be a background for a picture"
I've been wanting to go back to scrapbooking so much
that I really, really! don't want to put it off anymore.

So I looked in my stuck of pictures and place one right in the middle.

Thank you so much for visiting me:)
And thank you Carolyn for the challenge 
and encouragement to use what we already have :)

Now I don't want to stop
making art and scrapbooking :)



  1. Great interpretation of the challenge, Clemencia! :-)

  2. Lovely layout!
    Thank you for joining in with the 'Anything Goes' challenge at Polkadoodles Mia - DT Member xx

  3. And we all know how those holiday cards simply scream at us to reuse them somehow. This is a new and fun way to reuse any pretty card or bright envelope!

  4. Fab project, love your background! Thanks so much for joining our Anything Goes challenge over at
    Claire xx