Friday, January 1, 2016

Starting The Year Right

Wanting to start the year right, I am trying to focus on what I really want to achieve this year and of course, for me, that is happiness and good health.

Happiness for me involves a lot of things like the name of my blog says: a life full of passions
I like a lot of things, I don't have a niche or at least not yet and I really don't know if I ever will.
But I have become okay with that idea, unlike last year I was breaking my head over what do I really like to do, trying to choose one thing of all the things I love and I can't, I just simply can't.

I love to do a lot of things and I am going to embrace that. That said, I am going to focus on what I like at the moment, focus on what brings me happiness and good health. 

Now good health is a big one for me since last year since I had a lot of severe health problems, doctors thought I had MS but thank God, really "Thank You God" after tons of testings I was finally diagnose with a severe case of IBS and knowing how I am, I don't give up. I don't like to feel sorry about myself. I like to read, study and learn how to push forward and better a situation.

So here I am embracing who I am, focusing on what I like and growing to better myself.

What about you?


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  1. I'm your neighbor at Holley's - just wanted to say 'Hi'. I enjoyed looking at some of your art-work, you're talented. I pray 2016 will be a year of health and hope for you!