Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Would You Color It With?

Another drawing here
it was for a challenge which their theme was
bu the funny thing is 
that I can't find where is that challenge anymore
ha ha ha

oh well,
but here is my bunny anyways
I had fun drawing it :)

I think I want to color it
What would you color it with? watercolors? markers?

Thanks for you opinions :)

Happy drawing :)



  1. Bunny is seriously sweet, I think he wants something soft like pale watercolours. It's a lovely drawing.

  2. Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!

  3. That is a very cute, cheerful bunny rabbit! She or he needs a name.
    To answer your question, I'd go with watercolors or colored pencils. Chalk would be my 3rd choice.

  4. Watercolours would work great Clemencia! But quick, he looks a bit sad without colour!

  5. I love your bunny. I think the bunny needs to be colored with something that would make it look as soft as it does now. I was thinking Pan pastels or Pastel Neocolor II crayons with water added to the bunny to soften the colors. Beautiful drawing.

  6. Colored pencils are my opinion. Is he done yet?