Friday, May 13, 2016

Keep Moving :)

Sometimes as a preschool teacher 
you see the different kinds of parenting people has
some parents take all their child work home
and some look at their work, grab it and when the teacher turns around
thinking that they are going to take it home
you find it right back where it was.

So my solution to all those little arts that parents
don't want to take home is
I take them home myself and use them for my arts

And this is what I did right here
I used a blue sky background that one of my kids painted
and then put stars on it
(peel and stick good fine motors for little ones)
and re purposed it by making a collage on it

I glued green tissue paper on the bottom
that makes my art so pretty 
and a quote that I found and love :)

I hope this inspire you to take matters into your own hands
and also make some art out of anything you can find and think of :)



  1. very cute and LOVE how you use what the kids create. so precious!

  2. hi! i love your art and quotes! it reminds me of my favorite quote "be passionate" by Mustafa Hamwi - The passion guy . thanks!