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Hi friends, I am trying to come back to blogging, so here is a start, this is what my work/hobby desk looks like this morning :)

I've been just plastering paint on paper trying different things just letting my emotions and stress out. Nothing concrete in particular, no shape of any kind, just backgrounds since I've been seriously thinking on going back to my old hobby... scrapbooking. I love doing it. I miss it a bunch and finally I am starting to listen to myself and my family. I have to take time for myself, do things I like and take care of my health. So you'll be seeing a lot of that here from now on. And some of them through art too.

Thanks for coming by, taking off to visit other participants of WOYWW :)

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Galaxy Sunglasses

This is my latest piece of art :)
I am trying to dedicate more time to what brings me peace.
I know my watercolor looks a little choppy here but I know
practice makes better :)

So more practice... :)

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